Meet Ed Tate, known worldwide as

“the Speaker Who Energizes, Educates, and Entertains”

Ed Tate can help your company or organization stand out in an increasingly competitive, stressful and uncertain market. He’s transformed Fortune 500 companies, businesses and associations with speaking and training programs that target these key areas:

  • Leadership… Do you worry about how you can lead effectively despite turbulence, stress and uncertainty?
  • Management… Do you want to know how to hire the best people, get them to perform at their best and have your team perform at its best so that you’ll look YOUR BEST?
  • Motivation… Do you need to jump-start your people and your organization so that they embrace and benefit from change instead of running from it?
  • Challenges of Change… Do you worry about your organization’s ability to change quickly and effectively in order to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace?
  • Sales… Do you have a vision that relies on changing the way you make — or even attract — the sale?


Ed empowers employees, motivates managers and leverages leaders through the practical tools and packages he’s developed from his own success in the corporate world. Make him your go-to guy for all things coaching, leadership, marketing, training and speaking.
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About Ed Tate, World Champion of Public Speaking

For 14 years, Ed was a successful national account executive, selling over $500 million in products and services to corporations and entrepreneurs throughout the United States. He also co-created two business units that produced more than $1.25 billion in revenue. Along with making a name for himself in the sales world, Ed became popular in the speaking arena. As a trainer at CareerTrack, he frequently booked 100 presentations each year.

In 2000, Ed won the coveted Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking, finishing ahead of 175,000 members from 70 countries. Today, Ed inspires groups at large corporate events, small- and mid-sized workshops, and online training sessions.

Learn More About Ed Tate

Ed Tate reached out to me uniquely as a fellow Toastmaster, and I am happy to share this story with the world. Several years ago, I was a semifinalist in Toastmasters' World Championship of Public Speaking, and Ed happened to be an instructor at that same conference. I introduced myself, told him that I would be competing and that I looked forward to his hearing my speech.
I gave a speech on how I earned a graduate degree late in my life and how that gave me insights into lifelong learning. I did not place, and the winning speaker was unique. He was a physics professor who mounted a wheel on the stage, spun it, and showed how the physics of a wheel were similar to ways we should live our life: the wheel kept spinning and stayed centered even when disturbed, inertia kept it moving, etc.

After the contest, Ed took time from his busy schedule to write an instructive and diplomatic email to me. He explained that while my speech was fine, the winner was EXTRAORDINARY -- different from any other you are likely to see, He emphasized that this is a key to success in speaking: to continually raise the bar and give the audience a unique element that will stay with them for a long time.

I was impressed not only with Ed's ability to teach me clearly and memorably, but also for his kind and thoughtful choice of words. I have just met Ed again at a conference near my home in Pennsylvania, and he taught me and the audience how to tell a story in a way I never heard before. Over these years, my impression of Ed Tate remains high, and I recommend his work as a speaker and instructor without reservation.

Pat Rocchi
Manager of Marketing and Communications at Fres-co System USA, Inc.