A Selfie-Strategy to Improve Your Presentations!

Today is National Selfie Day! Who knew? I’m sure Kim Kardashian has plans.

I want to share with you a 2-Step-Selfie-Strategy that will make you a better presenter.

Ready?  Here it is!

2-Step Selfie-Strategy:

Step 1: Video-Selfie Every Presentation. That is, video record every business presentation

Step 2: Watch what you recorded! I can’t tell you the number of corporate and coaching clients who execute Step 1, and fail Step 2!


How will this make you better?

Presenting is an active skill. The fastest way to get better is to watch your performance video. Any professional, at the highest level, evaluates their performance on video ‚ athletes, actors, salespeople and politicians, to name a few professions. In other words, they Selfie-themselves.

Before you watch the video, repeat the following phrases out loud:

“I look like that!”
“I sound like that!”
We have to look and listen. Now it’s your turn.

How to watch your Video-Selfie

There will be four Replays:

Replay #1: Listen‚ Don’t Watch! You didn’t want to look at it in the first place! So here is a way to ease into it. Turn your back to the screen or close your eyes. Can I easily follow your presentation without seeing you or your slide deck? Or is it a struggle? How does your voice sound?

Replay #2: Watch‚ Don’t Listen. Turn off the sound. Watch your body language and facial expressions. Do they help or hinder the message? Are you making real eye contact with the audience or are you ‘aerosolizing’ the audience? That is, are you just spraying the audience with mechanical eye contact without an actual connection?

Replay #3: Watch in Fast-Forward (or Rewind) Mode. Here we’re able to isolate distracting gestures. Do you pace too much? Do you hold your hands in the fig leaf position? Reverse fig leaf?

Replay #4: Watch regular speed and sound. Observe as if you’re a member of the audience. How are your ideas coming across? Are they clear or confusing? How well are you connecting with the audience?

By using this Video-Selfie Strategy, your business presentations will take a quantum leap forward.

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I’d love to hear your experience with the Video-Selfie Strategy. Please post your results. Better than that, post short segments of your Video-Selfie!