Not All Shortcuts Are Short

Recently, I called a repairman to fix a squeaky refrigerator door. We have one of those fancy, stainless steel, blah-blah-blah models.  Every time the door would open, it would make a loud, squeaky noise. Unintended consequences (side benefit): It was two weeks before there was an available appointment; I scheduled … Continue reading

The Death Spiral

Early in my career I worked for a major computer company. Before we were unleashed on the world, we had to go through the typical technical and sales presentation training. Regardless, if you were prepared or not, you had to give your presentation to the instructor and your peers at … Continue reading

Who is Your Satellite (Mentor)?

“We all have mentors. They recognize the talent we don’t see under our own noses.” Jason Hewlett – Entertainer According to Wikipedia, there are three types of satellites:     Natural Satellites – also called moons    Artificial Satellites – objects intentionally launched into orbit, such as communications and weather satellite Another Type … Continue reading