Rave Reviews



Federal Express   “The measure of a speech is not in the awards or praise a speaker receives. The measure of a speech is in its ability to change behavior. Ed’s speech challenged me to re-think some of my own responses and made me want to change the way I do things.”

Marsha H. Perkins
Federal Express

RNL Design “The leadership summit was a great success, and your portion was the highlight! Your presentation was personal, on-point, and fun!”

Lisa Beckman
Director of Human Resources
RNL Design

Morag Barrett “Ed has worked with our organization for a number of years and is a key component of our Leadership Boot Camp. His keynote speech always engages the audience and demonstrates that his techniques work. Each time, the participants are surprised at how much they can achieve and how a different mindset can make all the difference in terms of effective communication.”

Morag Barrett, Director
Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
Level 3 Communications Inc.

The Principal “The presentation was very uplifting, and I enjoyed Ed Tate’s enthusiasm.
[He told us] how important it is to accept change, and it was shocking
to learn how costly it can be to defy change.”

LaNell Kohtz
The Principal Financial Group

The Principal “It was one of the best (if not the best) presentation I have ever attended.
The presentation was timely since our area is experiencing a restructuring, and we feel uncertainty. I am certainly going to apply his tools and suggestions in my work life, and in my personal and family life.”

Barb Schroeder
The Principal Financial Group

Cerulli Associates

“Thank you for your stellar job speaking to us all
at the Janus Analyst Summit. Your talk was very
lively and educational — great work!”

Benjamin Poor
Cerulli Associates

Mustard Doesn't Go on Corn

“I was telling my wife about your presentation…
VERY powerful and VERY impressive.”

Rich Trombetta
Best-Selling Author
Mustard Doesn’t Go on Corn

Johnson & Johnson

“I recently employed many of the principles you informed us of and was able to deliver a convincing speech at a recruiting information session I spoke at. In addition to closing with a great fact, I did a good job of speaking to all parts of the auditorium vs. only the left side, which has been my tendency.”

Shaun Horrigan
Johnson & Johnson


“Ed is full of energy, very charismatic, and at the same time, realistic.
He taught us… problem-solving, negotiating, making presentations,
dealing with difficult employees.”

Jennifer M. Rottler
Clinical Manager
Apex Corporation

“I was very impressed with Mr. Tate’s knowledge of our products and services. It was a great learning experience not only for myself, but he touched on good learning tools for our new employees.”

Linda Hamilton
Telecommunications, Inc.
Olympia, WA


“Ed improved my managerial skills.”

Robert Greenwood
The State of Michigan

Mayo Clinic

“Ed Tate is a dynamic speaker! Very motivating and honest… Never a dull moment… it was wonderful!”

Devon Lund
Team Leader
The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

ITR Logo

“Ed is knowledgeable… and he keeps your interest.
Also, he has a great sense of humor.”

Doris Chang
Information Technology Resources, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA


“Ed improved my managerial skills”

Robert Greenwood
The State of Michigan

Legacy Studios “Your seminar was elevating! The energy and valuable information resonate with me every day. I walked out of your talk a more effective and heartFULL public speaker. Thank you, Ed.”

Edna Nerona
Legacy Studios, Inc.

Rocky Mountain News

“He’s confident, not cocky.”

Gary Massaro
Rocky Mountain News

Denver Weekly News “Ed Tate took the audience to a higher level…He received a resounding standing ovation… He deserves every bit of the title [World Champion of Public Speaking], for he exceeds that claim to fame.”

Claudette Sweet
Denver Weekly News

The Windsor Star “Ed Tate — this slight, good-looking man with a big smile. Words are what define Ed Tate. They are his stock in trade.”

Marty Gervais
The Windsor Star


Rocky Mountain News

“Having Ed speak to your staff
is money well spent.”

Larry Strutton
Publisher / CEO
Rocky Mountain News

Doug Petch “Ed’s coaching and support has been instrumental in my success at refining my message and putting into practice the skills necessary to be an effective and in-demand speaker.”

Doug Petch
ARC Performance Group, LLC

Theresa Dimmitt “Ed Tate’s recent Get Paid to Speak Champ Camp gave me the kick start I needed to get my business going. I walked away with a product, and the confidence to start my own coaching, training and keynote speaking business. Fifty-eight days after the training I launched my own business, and am now a paid speaker. His “hot seat” lesson showed me a new way of seeing what my audience wanted, and helped me understand a different way of looking at my speaking approach and business. Thank you for giving me the tools to set my dream in motion.”

Theresa Dimmitt
Dimmitt & Associates

Toastmasters International “I [was] a finalist for the 2006 World Championship of Public Speaking…
I’ve had the opportunity to listen to your CD in the Speaking Secrets of
the Champions
series many times, and it’s because of Ed that I fully
understand the importance of structure and storytelling in my
Thank you for inspiring me!”

Thomas Lindaman, DTM – Finalist
2006 World Championship of Public Speaking

Michael Erwine “I was blown away by your workshop that morning. The exercise
of creating a story in 10 minutes and then honing it with our
‘speaking buddies’ was particularly impressive to me.”

Michael Erwine
Lansing, MI

“I attended your Speaking Boot Camp, and it was worth every penny! I was so impressed that you offered to stay a little longer to extend the opportunity for learning for each of us. Thank you for your dedication to helping others learn and grow — and for helping me see the potential within myself.”

Rick May
Boot Camp Participant

“I am delighted to be able listen to your CDs in my car. Of late, I have found myself in peak-hour traffic, and it has actually been more enjoyable and pleasurable [because of the CDs]. In fact, I actually look forward to the journeys and find that they have a somewhat calming effect.”

Bernie Fisher