Are you Speaking or Training? 5-Steps to Design Training in 15 Minutes!

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, my coaching client, Darren Tay, won the   Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking.  For the unfamiliar, it is a yearlong contest with over 30,000 contestants.  Darren was the last one standing. Think of it as “America’s Got Talent” for public speaking. Not bad.  … Continue reading

The Ultimate Pithy Editing Tool

Two speakers I admire for their pithiness are Patricia Fripp and Craig Valentine. In fact, Craig has named pithiness –  A  Foundational Phrase. A foundational phrase is 10 words or less that encapsulates your topic. For example, “Don’t get ready! Stay Ready!” Valentine and Fripp come up with these short, … Continue reading

The Death Spiral

Early in my career I worked for a major computer company. Before we were unleashed on the world, we had to go through the typical technical and sales presentation training. Regardless, if you were prepared or not, you had to give your presentation to the instructor and your peers at … Continue reading