Not All Shortcuts Are Short

Recently, I called a repairman to fix a squeaky refrigerator door. We have one of those fancy, stainless steel, blah-blah-blah models.  Every time the door would open, it would make a loud, squeaky noise.

Unintended consequences (side benefit): It was two weeks before there was an available appointment; I scheduled it. In the meatime, I lost a few pounds because I didn’t want to open the refrigerator door. (Yes, the noise was that loud!)

Visit #1:

When the repairman showed up, he did not have the correct parts. However, not wanting to waste his visit, he attempted a shortcut.

Long story short, it didn’t work.

He ordered the correct part and returned several days later.

Visit #2

Upon returning, he discovered that he should have order the complete assembly, rather than just the specific part. Again, he attempted another shortcut.

Ta-dah! The squeaky noise was gone… and so were the lights. Shortly after the repairman left, my wife discovered that the lights no longer work as intended. I have to hold the door open, past 90 degrees, with body parts – my arm or hip – to get the lights to turn on.

Real life is better than fiction. You can’t make this up.

I called again.

Visit #3

The same repairman (Yes, they sent him again!) returns with a complete assembly.


And…it’s not the right one. But not to worry, he knows a shortcut.

Ta-dah! The light works!


Human doorstop no longer required!


There was only one little problem…

the squeaky door returned!!!

The Lesson: shortcuts lead to shoddy work.

The old aphorism, “Do it right the first time.” Turns out to be the best shortcut of them all.

Visit # Infinity

Apparently, when you have a fancy, blah-blah-blah model, fixing something as simple as a squeaky door is not simple at all. So, I’m standing here, having a stare-down with the refrigerator, deciding what it’s fate should be.

I’m going to call the repair shop and request another repairman.

On second thought, I’m going to call another repair shop.

On third thought, I’m going to buy a new refrigerator…with a “squeaky door warranty.”

Pray for me!

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