Not All Shortcuts Are Short

Recently, I called a repairman to fix a squeaky refrigerator door. We have one of those fancy, stainless steel, blah-blah-blah models.  Every time the door would open, it would make a loud, squeaky noise. Unintended consequences (side benefit): It was two weeks before there was an available appointment; I scheduled … Continue reading

Who is Your Satellite (Mentor)?

“We all have mentors. They recognize the talent we don’t see under our own noses.” Jason Hewlett – Entertainer According to Wikipedia, there are three types of satellites:     Natural Satellites – also called moons    Artificial Satellites – objects intentionally launched into orbit, such as communications and weather satellite Another Type … Continue reading

How to be a Contrarian Thought Leader

Journalist, writer and political commentator, Walter Lippmann, said, “When everyone thinks the same, nobody is thinking.”   I have coached literally thousands of executives, leaders, mangers, entrepreneurs, sales people and Toastmasters on breathing life into their business presentations. I can break down the content of their presentations into two categories: … Continue reading