Are You a Professional or an Amateur? When Will You Go Pro?

“There is no room for the dilettante in this business”

Are you a professional, an amateur, or a dilettante?

Worse than an amateur is a dilettante.  A dilettante is defined as a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts (speaking), without real commitment or knowledge. Synonyms: non-professional, non-specialist, layman, layperson, dilly-dallier.

How long will you languish as an amateur or a dabbler?

According to author Steven Pressman, author of Turning Pro, the professional possesses traits and characteristics that the amateur does not.


  1. The professional shows up every day
  2. The professional stays on the job all day
  3. The professional is committed over the long haul
  4. For the professional, the stakes are high and real
  5. The professional is patient
  6. The professional seeks order
  7. The professional demystifies
  8. The professional acts in the face of fear
  9. The professional accepts no excuses
  10. The professional plays it as it lies
  11. The professional is prepared
  12. The professional does not show off
  13. The professional dedicates himself to mastering technique
  14. The professional does not hesitate to ask for help
  15. The professional does not take failure or success personally
  16. The professional endures adversity
  17. The professional self-validates
  18. The professional reinvents herself
  19. The professional is recognized by other professionals
  20. The professional is courageous
  21. The professional will not be distracted
  22. The professional lives in the present – not the past, nor the future
  23. The professional does not wait for inspiration. He acts in anticipation of it.

If you see an opportunity, act; don’t blink! – Warren Buffett

When, if ever, will you turn professional?

Some of you who follow me have expressed an interest in turning pro, becoming a professional speaker, trainer, or both. When will you turn your bucket/wish list into reality? When will you be able to check off that box?

If you’re ready to turn professional and stop dilly-dallying, you have one opportunity in the year 2015.

Follow these links: Train the Trainer / Get Paid to Speak

The time is now!

Get Paid to Speak Train the Trainer Image







This opportunity is not for everyone. Dilettantes, dabblers, and dilly-dalliers need not apply. Only professionals or amateurs who are serious about being professionals should act on this opportunity.

Train the Trainer / Get Paid to Speak

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