The Selfie Challenge! Selfie the Truth!

Review Yourself

In football, the team, and specifically the quarterback, watches film/video of their previous performance. The purpose is to see:

  • What they did right.
  • What they did wrong.
  • How they can improve next time.

It’s called a debrief. In addition to sports, corporations, the military and the fields of engineering and project management conduct daily debriefs.

Isn’t it interesting that organizations known for precision, examine their performance?

What would happen if you probed your performance? That is, a camera crew follows you and records everything you do. What would the video reveal? Would you be willing to post this video on Facebook, Periscope or YouTube?

twelve pictures of guys taking a selfie in different situations

Camera Crew of One

In our society we actually do have a camera crew. It’s a camera crew of one – the selfie. If you selfied your performance, what would we see?

Not the selfie where everything is great and you are perfect.

I’m talking about that other selfie: The Real Self– The one that you don’t post. The one that the world doesn’t see.

  • How many hours of Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram updates would we see?
  • What habits would be revealed?
  • How many hours of watching the game or other time-suck activities, would we witness?
  • What did you do right?
  • What did you do wrong? (Not illegal activities, rather did you cheat on your diet?)
  • Where did you procrastinate?
  • Were you proactive? If so, how?
  • How could you improve? What would you do more of, less of, or better, next time?


Let’s not have this be an intellectual exercise. Many intellectual exercises do not lead to action.

The Selfie Challenge: Selfie the Truth

  1. For one week observe your behavior: Video the good, bad and the ugly. Selfie the truth. These videos are only for you. You do not have to post them!
  2. Debrief your behavior: What did your selfie reveal about you?
  3. Post the results: What you got out of this exercise. What did you learn about yourself?

Please take a moment and share with us your results and what you got out of this exercise.




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